Friday, 4 January 2013

Sneak Preview of the Teaser Trailer for my Icon module

Icon 2013, Johannesburg's greatest and probably onliest games convention is going to be fucking awesome this year, because they should be running a roleplaying module that I wrote. What more could you possibly want at a con? I just submitted  the completed document now, after spending only 10 days writing it and 1 evening getting the formatting right. Last time I submitted a module (Icon 2008's Lead the Way), it took me well over a year to write it, fighting the damn unreliable MS Word formatting system every step of the way. And then, after Icon had used it, I got various feedback and spent another year refining it, as a sort of public-use version (which you're welcome to download here). So I surprised myself with this 10-day thing.

What's the module about? I can't say. I'm not even going to state the title until the Icon people have got everything printed and ready on their side. But I will say that it uses the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition system and setting, which means it'll fit in well enough with this year's post-apocalyptic theme. By coincidence, the same could be said for 2008's Lead the Way, but that's where the similarity ends. Lead the Way uses the Spycraft 1.0 system, and almost absolutely everything else about my two con modules is different. Apparently, I've just got a thing for post-apocalypses.

But you'll get to see for yourself, come July, either by attending Icon 2013 (Yes, do that!) and playing it there, or by waiting for my post-Icon public update revision to be become available here.

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