Saturday, 7 March 2015

Burning Daylight - a WFRP2 scenario you can have

Many long years ago, I started writing a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay module for Icon 2013, and many long years ago minus a few months, it was actually played there. I had intended to very quickly put out a public version of the module, for general public use, but mid-to-late 2013 was a very messy time for me. Hardly anything really needed changing - I've left it in standard convention module format - but I just never got around to it, til now. You can now have the full text of Burning Daylight, so long as you don't sell it on to anyone. If you want to run it at another con, just contact me first.

I should make absolutely clear that this should only be downloaded and read by GMs, not by scummy, cheating players. Get back, you damn dirty players!

The brochure blurb explains what it's all about, without any spoilers:

Few accusations will spread fear as fast.

Suffering a witch to live is one of the greatest crimes in the Empire, not only because of the witch’s own evil, but because letting them continue that evil shows one is also corrupted by the forces of Chaos. Having survived war and ill fortune, situated uncomfortably close to the cursed county of Sylvania and just down river from the dead city of Mordheim, the town of Krugenheim now faces a threat from within. Accusing the wrong person - and letting the real witch escape - would be disastrous.
Exciting, isn't it?

It's written as a single session (approx. 3 hours), for 4-6 players (plus GM), using the WFRP 2nd Ed. rules, though it's pretty light on dice, so should be dirt-easy to convert to WFRP1 too, and could probably be wedged into most other fantasy and historical RPGs with some tinkering. I had Call of Cthulhu in mind while writing it, so that at least should be a reasonable alternative system you could use.

As for context, it's set in the woodland wilderness of the central Empire, in a fairly isolated little town, and it's 2523, not long after the Storm of Chaos. Both the time and place could conceivably be altered, though that might take quite a bit of re-writing.

Burning Daylight can be downloaded here.