Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Astronyms Summary

    This isn't a real blog post, I just keep annoying myself with how tricky it is to manage and update all of the Astronyms series of posts, scattered as they are among all sorts of other posts over many years. So I've decided to make this thing, a combination of Table of Contents and a minimal summary table of the known vessel names only, excluding all else (classes of vessel that never had any unique names are listed too, just to point out this absence). The table of contents has been removed from part 1, and all parts now link to here, but otherwise the existing posts remain unchanged by this.

    Table of Contents
    Part 1: Soviet/Russian Condoms
    Part 2: Soviet/Russian Stations and Oddities
    Part 3: Projects Mercury & Gemini and the X-15
    Part 4: Project Apollo, Skylab and the last US Condoms
    Part 5: The Shuttles and the ISS
    Part 6: Chinese Condoms and Stations
    Part 7: Private Space Vessels and Future Probables
    Part K: The Kerbal Kondoms

    Vessel Names (in the order in which my posts discuss them)
    Part Vessel Class Mission Code Vessel Name
    1 Vostok various none
    Voskhod various none
    Soyuz Soyuz 19 Soyuz
    Soyuz TMA-21 Gagarin
    Soyuz MS-04 Argo
    2 Salyut (semi-modular) Salyut 1/4/6/7 none
    Almaz Salyut 3/5 none
    Mir (modular) Mir
    3 Mercury Mercury-Redstone 3 Freedom 7
    Mercury-Redstone 4 Liberty Bell 7
    Mercury-Atlas 6 Friendship 7
    Mercury-Atlas 7 Aurora 7
    Mercury-Atlas 8 Sigma 7
    Mercury-Atlas 9 Faith 7
    X-15A X-15 Flight 90/91 none
    Gemini Gemini III Molly Brown
    4 Apollo CSM Apollo 9 Gumdrop
    Apollo 10 Charlie Brown
    Apollo 11 Columbia
    Apollo 12 Yankee Clipper
    Apollo 13 Odyssey
    Apollo 14 Kitty Hawk
    Apollo 15 Endeavour
    Apollo 16 Casper
    Apollo 17 America
    Apollo 18 Apollo
    Apollo LM Apollo 9 Spider
    Apollo 10 Snoopy
    Apollo 11 Eagle
    Apollo 12 Intrepid
    Apollo 13 Aquarius
    Apollo 14 Antares
    Apollo 15 Falcon
    Apollo 16 Orion
    Apollo 17 Challenger
    Skylab Skylab 1 Skylab
    5 Space Shuttle Orbiter various Columbia
    various Challenger
    various Discovery
    various Atlantis
    various Endeavour
    International Space Station (modular) International Space Station
    6 Shenzhou various none
    Tiangong Tiangong 1/2 none
    7 SpaceShipOne SpaceShipOne Flight 15P/16P/17P SpaceShipOne

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