Tuesday, 14 January 2014


I don't like not having internet in bed. I've got my phone, but it can't stretch to doing too much more than email. And I can borrow internet at my parents' place, but that has several obvious limits, like not being in my own house.

I start teaching again tomorrow. I have a wild mix of emotions about this, but they've all been drowned in a slurry of bureaucracy. I spent 3 days back in Pretoria last week, trying to sort out my qualifications, and 2 hours this morning just renewing my driver's licence. Most of the rest of today has been sunk into slow progress on further studies.

But I've had a great time since moving back to Joburg. No doubt that this was the best choice, even if the future remains murky. I've done so much gaming! Also, I somehow became first officer of the Dauntless. Still processing that one.

Hopefully I'll get around the blogging more often again. Hopefully this damn heat will fade and we can get the rain I've been hoping for for months.