Friday, 21 June 2013

Burning Daylight: Best Icon module ever...?

I mentioned a few months ago that my second Icon module is due to be played this year and the Icon 2013 brochure is FINALLY available here.

My module, 'Burning Daylight', is being run in Slot 1, which is much less impressive when you know that means Friday morning, probably the session with the fewest players in attendance. On the other hand, those who do drag themselves out of bed early and/or take a day off work just to play it can probably be taken to be the more serious and dedicated players. And there's always the option of buying the module to play with a group of your own assembly during a later slot. Just bug the people at the registration desk about that.

I really don't want to give away much more plot than the brochure blurb gives, and that (for those unable to access the pdf) says:


Few accusations will spread fear as fast.

Suffering a witch to live is one of the greatest crimes in the Empire, not only because of the witch’s own evil, but because letting them continue that evil shows one is also corrupted by the forces of Chaos. Having survived war and ill fortune, situated uncomfortably close to the cursed county of Sylvania and just down river from the dead city of Mordheim, the town of Krugenheim now faces a threat from within. Accusing the wrong person - and letting the real witch escape - would be disastrous.

I will add that this is a pretty talky scenario, by necessity. Warhammer is among the more vicious systems as far as combat is concerned, and since many of the player characters are simple townsfolk, not mighty adventurers, they'd get torn to shreds in minutes if I'd leaned too heavily on the fight scenes. This doesn't mean you should assume everything will be safety and bunnies - where'd be the fun in that? - but if you want to make the best of this game, leave the dungeon-crawl mentality at home and come prepared to get deeply into character. I've tried to carefully craft some good ones for you.

As an extra bonus for anyone who happens to read this, here is an extra map, not included in the module itself because it makes virtually no difference to anything, showing the location of the town of Krugenheim within the Empire. That's the site of my little story.
Krugenheim: The bright red dot just East of center, incorrectly labelled as 'Krungenheim'

There's one other semi-related thing to mention. My 2008 module, 'Lead the Way', was about US Army Rangers in a near-future debacle, set in 2018, and in the text I went out of my way to explain why I'd gone with realism over representativeness in choosing to make all of the player characters male. In particular, I used the phrase, "The US Army Rangers do not currently allow women to join their ranks, and I don’t believe this is likely to change within the next 10 years." [EDIT: In hindsight, I regret writing it that way; inclusive, representative gaming is clearly more important.]

It's recently been announced that all branches of the US military are going to be required to scrap  sex-based restrictions on combat roles by 2018, with the Rangers due to start training female members in 2015.

This is why I don't do near-future stuff very often.

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