Saturday, 26 January 2013

Consilience #64: The Needs of the Citation

(I'm a week behind on my planned posts, due to a week of internet impotence - I swear, this doesn't normally happen to me - so expect a sudden flood of new posts from this point on.)

I'm audible for the seventh time. Me, Commodore Owen and Petty Officer Patrick, making a big mess of some science & skepticism noises. Civilian Angela was thought possibly able to join us via the Skypophone, but technical problems with that still persist. While recording, I felt like we were messing up a lot and making some fairly amateurish chaos; listening to the final product, it doesn't seem so bad. The worst bit was that my mic was apparently turned a bit low at first, so half my words are inaudible until Owen spotted this and turned me up.

We did leave out one thing, which was a cool story Patrick had found about Fomalhaut b's eccentric orbit, which tied in nicely with my new Citation Needed segment, so it's a pity it slipped our hive-mind.

No great travel anecdotes this time. I did cock up Gilooly's again, this time by not expecting it so soon and driving right past it. My correction (taking the next offramp, Van Buuren, I think) was pretty quick and efficient, and I'm getting to know the area reasonably well now.

You can find the file and the show notes for #64 here:

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