Friday, 16 November 2012

Oh, Sea Shepherd...

I was working on a post about how awesome the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is, when they go and advertise this: A branded EQ Bracelet, which I should be clear from the start, is a complete con, rip-off and waste of money.

Now, I know Sea Shepherd needs money to operate, and their store is a fair enough way to raise that money. I've bought stuff from there before myself, because I feel they're worth supporting. Their area of focus is limited to sea stuff, which is clearly not the only thing worth watching, but they make an important contribution where they are acting, especially in the case of Antarctic anti-whaling operations. They're fucking awesome at that.

They're like Captain Kirk in a Bird of Prey at stopping nasty whalers.

But putting their name on another shitty placebo band? Meh. These things are one of the most stupid successful hoaxes in decades, and they're completely anti-science. One of the reasons I support Sea Shepherd is that, unlike Green Peace, they haven't rejected rationality and evidence in favour of an (increasingly pointless) PR-driven agenda. Sea Shepherd has typically remained the realistic, pragmatic and effective organisation, leaving the mere enviro-posers to hold placards outside agricultural labs.

So I'm deeply disappointed by their EQ bracelet. I hope they cancel it soon, though I'm not optimistic. On the plus side, as soon as I spotted this in my Facebook feed, I was pleased to see several other people also objecting to it. Clearly, Sea Shepherd attracts a more discerning following than a mere tree-huggers' social club.

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