Friday, 4 May 2012

Other Blogs Ewes May Enjoy

It occurs to me that I have quite few friends now who have blogs of their own, several of which may be of interest to both of you who follow this blog. Plus, I like making lists. You should see some of the fucking awesome lists I've made. This is also an opportunity to see which blogging services they're all using. So, let's share a bit. Some are updated frequently and well, others have died or barely left the ground yet. But they all exist, at the time I write this, so I present them here in order of the bloggers' maternal grandmothers' maiden names:

Official Blog of Writer / Film Director Jordan Harland
Jordan's always really busy, so this hasn't moved much, but I'm sure he'll add neat stuff eventually.

Splice of Life
An effort to connect random interweaving strands of life
Estee's blog has changed a lot since it started and a lot of the early content is gone. Usually an interesting read.

The Gibbering Geek
(no subtitle)
Scot's blog seems to have stalled early, so I'm not quite sure what he had in mind for it.

Mercurial Siren
Creativity. Cybernetics. Carnage. (What it wants to be when it's all grown up)
The art and thoughts of Sita, very varied.

Pen's Personal Pages
(no subtitle)
Yvette's cooking and knitting and geekery. I skip a lot of the former stuff.

Sez Says
(no subtitle)
Sarah's marketing site. I don't really read it.

Up a Mammoth's Nostril
It may get hairy...
Sarah's personal blog. Much more interesting.

Jonny Nexus Online
(no clear subtitle)
Home of Jonny Nexus (a.k.a. Johnny Nexus), the great gaming writer, formerly and currently of Critical Miss.

01 and The Universe
(no subtitle)
Owen's fairly skeptical blog.

Ionian Enchantment
(no subtitle)
Mike's fairly skeptical blog.

The Skeptic Detective
Science. Skepticism. Atheism.
Angela's fairly skeptical blog.

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