Saturday, 9 July 2011

What's Norwegian for "Ah, fuck! Fuckfuckfuck!"

My weekend travel plans were foiled by a cracked fuel pipe. I missed an hour of my two-hour shift at work yesterday trying to stop the 40l that I'd just fucking filled into the tank from gushing out all over the parking lot, then running from garage to garage, sent away by nice enough people telling me that they just didn't have space or were out of the relevant part. When I got back to work, I stank of petrol and looked just like someone who stinks of petrol.

And the worst part of all is that this long car trip was to go spend the weekend with a lovely lady.

(Lesson worth remembering: Petrol turns the glue on duct tape to slippery, useless mush.)

Today I spent the morning with my dad, being all technically competent and shit, and the pipe has now been temporarily patched, plus I replaced a dead bulb in the tail light and got my windscreen squirters working marginally better again, so technically, my car is now working even better than before, although I can't say I trust the patch to hold for very long.

But where was I? Ah, yes, a proper introduction.

My goal with this blog is quite simple: To be interesting and fun to read. That doesn't mean it'll all be happy, giggly stuff, sometimes you've got to get a bit serious, but I also want to give some space to things that make me happy. Mostly, that's sciencey stuff, usually do to with astronautics, or really geeky stuff (I won't go into my weekly roleplaying too deeply, but it may feature), or perhaps even some new music I've found or some such. The angry shouty stuff will be mostly skepticism-related, education-related or political, so we all have something to look forward to. I have a slight mania for list-making, which should be apparent here from time to time.

Professionally, I've ended up in education. I used to do full-time teaching (of physical science), but that sucked, so now I do after-school tutoring (of physical science), which is much more fun, but pays insufficiently. What I'd really like to do is get some work in the field I actually studied for, which is this. It doesn't help that I don't often take much initiative; this weekend's intended expedition was quite out of character for me.

Also, look here: It's a peg-legged elephant!