Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Back to the blackboard, please

I have officially decided, I need to get back into teaching. And not just after school tutoring, but back in the deep end. Proper, committed teaching. If anyone has any leads about teaching jobs in Joburg, let me know.

I've spent 6 and a half years expecting that I'd eventually get a development job, and feeling like that would be my true calling. Now I've got such a job, and it's a wank. The people who can afford my skills are the ones who least need them, the ones who I feel least deserve them. You can't, it seems, make a living from saving the world.

Except in teaching. I originally got into that as a supplement to my development experience, but the more I've looked at it, the more I see good education as the core of good social development. I'm never going to get rich teaching, but I wasn't aiming for that, and it's not like my current fancy-pants economist job is paying well.

Amazingly, a better place for me than my current office
And I know teaching; I've got nearly 5 years in my pocket so far, and I know both the government and IEB physical science syllabuses backwards, plus a smattering of stuff unique to the International Cambridge syllabus. Not least of all, I like teaching. It's chaotic and dynamic and challenging. It's hard, but a good hard, a worthwhile hard. By contrast, I've just spent 3 days making a single small value chain graphic look pretty enough by the boss's finicky standards.

It may be hard getting a foot in the door, since I don't have a BEd or PGCE (yet), but I'm hoping to get into a school in 2014. I'd like to make the change even sooner, but I doubt many schools will be hiring new people for the last couple months of the year.

So, if anyone has any leads about teaching jobs in Joburg, let me know. I'm most experienced at Physical Science (all grades), but I reckon I can pick up the English syllabus quick enough too, and I have enough background that I could probably handle History too, if pressed.

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