Sunday, 21 April 2013

Frost pissed!

I've been increasingly grim and glum (and glim and grum) the over the last 2 weeks, as Frost's prognosis after his accident never seemed to get any better, with the doctor himself getting pretty damn emotional and gloomy. On top of that, someone vandalised my car, permanently bending open the passenger door to steal absolutely nothing. I've been pretty stressed and we were supposed to decide this past Friday or Saturday if it was necessary to euthanize the poor little bugger, and luckily the vet felt that we should give him another couple days, just to be absolutely sure. The main worry was the bladder, which had shown zero sign of functioning. Some spinal damage had definitely occurred (and his entire tail had to be amputated as a result), and there was a concern that all nerve connections with the bladder had been cut, so that he could neither voluntarily (as before) nor involuntarily (i.e. incontinently) urinate. So even though the rest of him seems fine again, mostly, there could have been that one dead component that would still kill him.

And the great news today is that Frost pissed! And took a huge shit too! Huzzah! I can't say yet how voluntary it was, but the fact that it happened at all is an excellent sign, and he may even be home by Wednesday. I doubt he'll ever function 100% right again, and as I say, he's got no tail no more. The wound from where his tail was cut off initially failed to close, because there wasn't enough skin for the stitches to hold together, and he had a massive open hole there instead, but that's already half the size after one week of regrowth, and frankly, this cat has survived so much shit in only 2.5 years that I think he can manage this too. Three cheers for scientific medicine! I should get him a red shirt, though.

Normally blogging will resume shortly.

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