Thursday, 1 March 2012

Consilience #43: Featuring another copy of Me!!!

I'm audible for a second time! The Consilientists asked me to be a guest host on their podcast again, and I think it went pretty damn well once more. It all felt a lot smoother and simpler this time (if we ignore the fact that the recording had to be postponed almost a week after Angela broke her entire leg clean off when a flight of uranium-235 stairs collapsed on top of her and she kicked the rubble off of her with so much force that the leg flew right off, approximately), and it was great fun for me once again. I guess I had prepared my own contributions a little less thoroughly this time, but it still sounds alright to me.

Also, post-script story of interest: I got caught in a massive storm on the way home from the recording, so bad that I couldn't even recognise the road I drive along every time I go to work and have been using frequently for decades even before the current job. With full windscreen wipers, full de-mist, brights and hazard lights on, I couldn't see more than a meter or so ahead of me, and neither could I see the edges of the bridge I was crossing. It's lucky it was a two-lane road with nobody else on it, as I couldn't even tell what lane (if any) I was driving in. I pulled over as soon as I was safely past the bridge, but for some reason about a dozen other cars carried on past me, ignoring the danger. Or maybe they were ghost-cars...!

Anyway, all good fun.

You can find the file and the show notes here: